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Travel Clinic

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, don't let travel-related illness slow you down. Conditions such as malaria, yellow fever, and high-altitude sickness can ruin a trip, or even be deadly. Make sure you take the necessary precautions before you leave. 


You do not need to participate in a monthly plan to benefit from our travel services. 


Travel Consultation

We offer the following travel services:

  • Pre-travel advice

  • Pre-packaged medications for many travel conditions

  • Treatment of travel-related conditions

  • Group rates for travelers with the same itinerary


Dr. Kartchner also provides corporate consulting services related to travel health. Please contact us at (520) 777-1973 for more information.


Travel Vaccines

Many travelers will require immunizations for conditions such as yellow fever, typhoid, or influenza. Some of these vaccinations are available on site. Additional vaccinations can be obtained with advance notice. Payment in full is required for all vaccines that require special ordering. 

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